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Samothrace Improv Retreat 2021

Island of Samothrace
Therma School, Kamariotissa Fidelio, Chora Pnevmatiko Kentro
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4th Samothrace Improv Retreat - 2 to 8 August 2021

Retreat Courses and activities


Since all available Slots are booked, you cannot register. We will open slots for spectators shortly. Keep up with our anouncements for more.

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Intensive & Extra courses per level of experience

Beginners Intensive


Ιntensive course for beginers (one year or less of experience. Course lasts 4 days. Participants perform at Show #2. This course will go through theory and practise of basic improv prinicples, specific short form games structure and will prepare trainies for their performance.

fee: 80€ / Available slots 20
teachers: Stelios Anatolitis, Eirini Xigkaki, Billy Kissa, Panagiotis Koudasω
duration: 22hours in four days

Intermediate Intensive A


When you believe in emotions on stage, the audience also will. You will learn how to create strong, authentic and emotional relationships between partners. You will learn how to find the balance in the scene, the critique point / the climax and the new balance, which will make your scenes meaty, real and easy to believable. Another subject of workshops will be Embrace your inner child. Finding your inner child can help you be more playful, creative and give you a source of strength on the stage. During this workshop we will try to look at our experiences and feelings as a child

fee: 50€ / Available slots 20
teacher: Kasia Chmara
duration: 12hours in two days

Intermediate Intensive B


We've all been there, stuck in a scene in which nothing has been defined. Of course we want to 'go' somewhere, but because the platform, relationships and characters are not clear, the way forward seems just as foggy. The good news is that we can focus on two simple elements, justification and specificity to get unstuck and fire up both our inspiration, and that of our partners! Think about it: when we hear or see the description of a particular brand of cigarettes, a specific outfit, the exact type of shot used to score a goal, suddenly what we do or say on stage comes alive in a more vivid and enjoyable way, not only for the audience, but also for our fellow players! We have just added a layer of depth and colour that has fired up their inspiration and all subsequent scenes will be better for it. And when we notice what's already there, explain it or provide the context, then there's no need to add new elements- we simply use what we' ve already built on to clarify, contextualise or create patterns which will greatly enhance both our enjoyment and that of the audience. Just like the 'X' which marks the spot on a treasure map, justification and specificity are a winning combination that can turbocharge your improv skills and inspire you and your partners in new and surprising ways. In this workshop, we will work step by step to build up scenes using justification and specificity in a fun and enjoyable way. By the end of our time together, working with these elements will feel like second nature and when something's not clear on stage, you'll know just how to find the 'X'!

fee: 50€ / Available slots 20
teacher: Kelly Agathos
duration: 12hours in two days

Advanced Intensive A


When a scene we are not ‘part of’ starts unfolding on stage, we often tend to lower our guard. Our body goes from alert to relaxed, often sitting or leaning against the wall. And before we know it, we’ve gone into ‘spectator’ mode, no longer as quick to pick up on vital cues, or ready to pitch in at a second’s notice. If this pattern sounds familiar, then this workshop is for you! Through a series of exercises followed by scenework, we will practice being always ‘on’. We will explore the multiple ways we can contribute, either from the sidelines or by entering the scene. We will also see when it’s worth staying out, and what a difference it makes when it’s an active, rather than passive choice..

fee: 50€ / Available slots 20
teacher: Kelly Agathos
duration: 12hours in two days

Advanced Intensive B


Intensive workshop to create your stage character step by step without hesitation that something will be wrong, that your character will not be strong enough. You will develop your imagination so that when you are creating a character during a performance you will immediately think about every aspect to it and give your character a perfect and well-thought-out image. like a sculptor, you will create your character from scratch. We will work on Stanislavsky, Chekhov and Demidov acting techniques..

fee: 50€ / Available slots 20
teacher: Kasia Chmara
duration: 12hours in two days

Extra Course A


During the 8 hour seminar we are going to get to work with the ‘viewpoinst’ philosophy of improvisation. ‘Viewpoints’ is a training technique helping built ensembles using movement, gesture, tempo, duration, kinesthetic response, shape and other tools to create scenes and stories. We are going to work in group improvisation to explore themes, characters, settings and relationships. Our main goal is to expand our observation skills and trust within the ensemble. We begin to learn how to find inspiration in the people and spaces around us instead of trying to generate interesting ideas on our own. And most of all : begin to be present on stage, because once you’re present you can’t do anything wrong.

fee: 35€ / Available slots 20
teacher: Eirini Xigkaki
duration: 8 hours in two days

Extra Course B


As improvisers we struggle to identify which part of our scene can move our story forward and which one can drive it down a cliff. We search for rhythm, precise acting and feelings, but we all know that these are all bound to fail. If you are looking for yet another perspective in storytelling, then you should check out this course. We are going to depart from our acting selves and leave them aside for a while. We are going to enter the mind of a storyteller, where everything makes sense and moves forward organically. Learn how to dig deeper into your characters and demand from them to reveal to you their story. Learn how to navigate through multiple scences by adhering to your characters traits and keeping your promises to the audience. As an improviser you have to think fast and act accordingly. We are going to train our minds to think in two levels simultaneously, actor and storyteller going hand in hand towards the construction and resolution of a sound and coherent plot that will engage audiences and keep you and your fellow improvisers safe to explore the scene without the fear of total story collapse..

fee: 35€ / Available slots 20
teacher: Stelios Anatolitis
duration: 8 hours in two days



Two 2 hour introductory lessons for people who want to take a small peak at the world of improv. Registration are not available onine.

fee: 10€/ Available slots 20+
teacher: Billy Kissa, Eirini Xygkaki


Three nights of Improv shows, available for all students

Show A

Intermediate Students / hosted by Kasia
Advanced Students / hosted by Kelly
An amazing show with all our teachers
fee: FREE

Show B

Beginners rock the stage
Intermediate Students / hosted by Kelly
Advanced Students / hosted by Kasia
An amazing show with all our teachers, DRUNK
fee: FREE



A Jam night open for all practiotioners, of all levels. You will get the oppurtunity to play short form games with everyone else, try stuff, have fun and end your retreat experience with a night full laugs.

fee: FREE / available for everyone
Host: We dont know yet :)


Retreat time table Download the full program here


Retreat Instructors

Check out our awesome Instructors for 2021.

Kasia Chmara

Advanced / Intermediate Intensives

Kasia Chmara is an actress (she finished International Film, Theatre and Tv School in Lodz) and teacher and performs with numerous improv groups, such as the popular „wymyWammy” (Bydgoszcz), the duo group „Two Sisters”, the Lodz based theatre group „Impro Atak” as well as the European improv project „Ohana”, or “7 Womans of Different Ages”, “Which is Which”- Irish ,Polish duo, “The Allnighters” Polish, Greek and French improv group, and solo show “Adventure Girl”. Chmara is an artistic coordinator of Improdrom- International Improv Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland, she gained experience in the field of organisation, production and public relation. She regularly leads theatre and improvisation workshops in Bydgoszcz and throughout Poland. Currently she is doing her PhD in Creating Character on script play through improvisation techniques. She is improvising over 9 years, but she’s been teaching theatre since 1998 She was performing in Poland, Spain, Czech, India, Ireland, Slovenia, France, Estonia, Germany,Latvia Greece, Sweden and leading her workshop In Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Dublin, Bengaluru, Strasburg, Lubljana, Riga, Athens. Nowadays she is an actress at the Kameralny Theatre in Bydgoszcz.

Kelly Agathos

Advanced / Intermediate Intensives

Kelly discovered improvisation in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the art form. She is one of the pioneers of anglophone improvisation in Brussels, starting its first anglophone improv society (ATC Improv) in 2012. In 2017, Kelly created ImproBubble, an improv theatre and school dedicated to deepening and broadening the range of improv opportunities for the international community of Brussels. Kelly mainly performs in ImproBubble’s professional productions and with her bilingual (French-English) trio, Jeu de Balle. Kelly also teaches, directs and performs throughout Europe, both as an invited guest and on the international improv festival circuit. She is a proud member of Project Eve, a pan European collective of female improvisers, dedicated to exploring gender on and off stage. As a language lover, Kelly relishes improvising in all her spoken languages, which to date are English, Greek and French (and just enough Italian to get by!)

Stelios Anatolitis

Extra Course / Promises & Conflicts

Stelios is a stand up comedian, improviser and a writer. He's been performing for more than a decade as an actor, improviser, comedian and musician. He has been teaching improv since 2014 and his main focus is characters and storytelling. He's been a part of a vast array of shows, some of them sold out, all over Greece and a founding member of House of Improv. You can find his ramblings, solo shows, music, techniques and books all over the internet, mainly on Youtube and Bandcamp.

Eirini Xygkaki

Extra Course / Viewpoints

Eirini Xigaki is a professional actress and improviser. Has studied drama at “Voutsinas drama school”. Has also studied cinema at the department of Fine Arts, of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Started performing improv in 2015 when was accepted in “Felizol improve group”. Since then has performed and teach improv in Thessaloniki and Athens. Since 2020 is teaching improv at “House Of Improv”. She is also a voice actress, a singer and had worked as an animatrice. With the theatrical group “prosehos subway’’ had studied and performed physical theater based on Anne Bogart’s methond “view points”. She is also performing ‘’Stand up comedy’’ since 2016.

Billy Kissa

Beginners / Introduction

Vasiliki Kissa is an actress, won over by Improv Theater. After graduating “Theater of Arts, Karolos Koun”, she crossed paths with Improv Theater. It was love at first sight. She dove into the world of improv head first and, having completed ImproVIBE’s training, she took her first steps towards teaching improv. Within 8 years she was taught workshops and performed in Greece, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Τurkey,USA and Australia. She is a main instructor at House of Improv and actively part of the European Improv Network “The SIN”. She is part of the international troupe “3 Deadly Sinners” and member of the "Project EVE", a platform for women in improv.

Panagiotis Koudas

Organizer / Runnning Errands

Starting training in improv in 2011. Attended workshops and intensive seminars with Greek and Foreign teachers and is still does. Created his first troupe in 2011. In 2013 starting teaching in two different cities. With some of his first students created a troupe called DeMaNaiKaiNai that played continuesly in local scenes for years, toured Greece and performed abroad from 2015 until 2018. In 2015 co-created the troupe Felizol that performed in Theaters in thessaloniki for two years and regrouped in Athens in 2019. He regurarly taught classes in 4 cities in North Greece from 2015 to 2019, and also as a guest in various other cities. He is currently living in Athens where he runs School of Improv with Eirini Xigaki and Stelios Anatolitis. He has performed in numerous improv shoes varying from theater games, to long form, duos, experimental formats. He is now one of the few improvisers in Greece with nearly ten years of experience who is still active in teaching and performing.

Costs and Discounts

Costs of courses are detailed above. When registrations open, you will given access to a registration form. If you register for a full course (Intermediate A & B, or Advanced A & B) you will get a small discount. Also if you take a full course and one Extra Workshop you will get a small discount. Final cost will be shown to you automatically at the form, so just be a little patient.
Bare in mind, that these costs are ONLY ABOUT the workshops. Travelling and accomodation are not included, and are your responsibility. You will find a lot of helpfull information at the general retreat page information.

Registration Procedure

This page gives you a preview of what will take place at the retreat. At 10th of April, we will publish a registration page with ALL the nessecary information and a form to register. You will then select the courses that interest you, you will automatically see the full cost and your registration will be sumbitted. After submission you will receive an email with a paypal link. If all is ok, after you pay your fee in the next 12 hours, you register you slots. When you send your sumbission, some or all courses might be allready full, since we will give slots accordingly to the date/hour that the submission was made. In that case, we will come back to you, with what slots are open for you, and the fee will also change accordingly. Last year most courses where fully booked in less than ten days, so dont waste time.
Also, please register for classes that are suitable for your improv experience. This is not a race. Our goal is to offer you the best, most suitable workshop experience according to your needs. So to make it easy for you.
1) One year or less of improv lessons, and no significant performance experience, please pick the beginners course. You also get to perform at Show B, and the Jam night.
2) One to two years of experience and a few shows on your resume, please pick the intermediate courses (one or both). You can also register for one extra course. You will perform at both shows and the Jam night
3) More than two years of experience, lots of shows on your resume and some long form experience? Pick Advanced courses (one or both). You can also register for one extra course. You will perform at both shows and the Jam night.
4) You can also skip the intensive courses and only register for the extra courses. You will perform at the Jam. 
5) In case courses of your level are booked, and you still want to come and attend a lower level course, thats ok with us. Never hurts to go back to basics.
6) If all courses are booked, and you still want to come, we will allow to attend as a spectator, at a much lower fee. Spectators do not perform at shows, or actively participate during workshops.
7) In case we receive too many applications over our courses capacity, we will add one more extra course, with its content depending on the level of you aplications. Lets see..

Got Questions?

Read all the above carefully. If you still got any question, read it again. If you still need to know something not mentioned or clarified, please feel free to contact us.
You can do so by our contact page, or our facebook page. We will get to you as soon as possible.